5 Hour Baby Sweater

Ok - so it's taking me more than 5 hours...but I'm on the second sleeve! So I may get it done this week! :)
It's actually looking pretty good too - like an actual sweater. I just hope that it doesn't come out all deformed or too big/small to actually fit a baby. I guess if it's too small, it can be a doll sweater for Zoe.
Anyhow...back to work.


Irish Hiking Scarf is DONE!

I finished John's scarf on Saturday. It turned our really well, if I do say so myself. I may just make another one. :)


I ruined a set of needles!!!

I have no idea HOW I did it except that I was WAY too hard on them.
They are #10 Boye aluminum needles...I know, I know but I LIKE aluminum needles. :(
So on the purl rows for my IHS for John, my stitches tend to be tighter. I'm a tight knitter and a beginner too...so cut me some slack!
Anyway, I noticed that one of the needles was getting scratched all up so I looked at the tip of the other needle and IT'S SPLIT! I couldn't believe it! I can't be the first person that this has happened to - I know I'm not the Incredible Hulk of knitting. I think, though, that I will keep them as a reminder to WATCH MY TENSION! ;)


Irish Hiking Scarf

I'm making progress on John's scarf. Now that I have the hang of the cables, it goes really fast. I hope that I can get it done in the next week. It's a beautiful scarf.


"One of Us"

From my Aunt Martha:
"Ahhh yes. You are obviously one of us."

This in response to my email relishing in my love of knitting and yarn. I am now up to two baskets of yarn.
And I'm going here -> www.riverknitsyarn.com <- tomorrow with my sister whilst visiting for my neice's birthday.

I am 8" into John's Irish Hiking Scarf.
I am about 1/3 of the way done on Baby Ruth's Big, Cuddly Blanket on size 50 needles. Those things are beasts to control! But once I get on a roll, the blanket does knit up quickly. I need more than 15 minutes at a time to work on it though. :)


Zoe's Scarf

I finished the scarf for Zoe's birthday. I am pretty damn proud of myself.
I used Red Heart Bright & Lofty yarn in Snowcone on US13 needles.



I finished my panta!!!! I'm so proud of myself!!!
I used Bernat DenimStyle in Jordache on US9 needles.



I'm almost done with my panta! YAY!